Repeats not working!

• Oct 11, 2020 - 02:56

Since the upgrade that plays chord symbols, the Musescore stopped playing repeats in tunes created before this update. To illustrate this I've been able to reduce one of such tunes to a few measures - try attached. Can someone tell me why it skips repeat and plays right through despite "Play Repeats" icon (next to the Loop play one) selected?

Try this - it may help to identify what's wrong with it if you keep Pan Score on:
1. Play attached with "Repeats" on. Musescore ignores repeat bars and plays right through.
2. Toggle Repeat icon (uncheck and check again).
3. Play. It plays with sound repeating once, but panning bar pans right through, e.g sound and visual blue bar get out of sync.
4. Just play again. This time and every time after that it ignores repeat bars again just like in 1. above - until you re-toggle Repeat icon - that fixes sound again once.

It will keep ignoring repeats every time you play until you toggle icon.

Odd thing is if I create brand new score, it does not behave like above, Repeats appear to work fine.
Problem is only with scores saved in previous revs.

Anyone else noticed this?
What's exactly then is the difference between attached score and identical score created from scratch?
One does not work and the other does. What gives?


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Thanks Mike,

Well, in this case another thing needs to be fixed - checking for update (as of today, Oct. 13 2020) immediately returns the message that 3.5.0xxx is current - attached, It appears so quickly after "Check for updates" is selected, that it does not seem to go even try to go to the internet.

It use to go to the internet every time software is launched (if pre-configured to do it). Well, at least no longer does that.

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The auto update has not been turned on yet. They are in the process of fixing some issues they found while doing the initial release of 3.5.1. If you want to keep 3.5.0 (which might be a good idea for now) then you can only use repeats and jumps in Page view. When you switch to page view, you need to toggle play repeats off then back on to make them work.

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