plugin version control

• Oct 11, 2020 - 08:22

Musescore 3.5 on Linux
version control plug in.
can't create new project.

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the plugin author tries his best, but now its weekend.
so i started musscore from the Commandline with the --debug option and got this output:

QQmlExpression: Expression file:///home/user/bin/music-version-managament-system-master/musicVersion.qml:31:34 depends on non-NOTIFYable properties:

Any hints for me to understand?

Is it possibel to get more detailed debug output or some loging to a file.

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Open the plugin in MuseScore Plugin Editor/Creator and run it there, may give better hints

Is file:///home/user/bin/music-version-managament-system-master on your computer?

(Shouldn't that be management? Apparently not your fault though ;-))

BTW: that plugin seems to work just fine for me, MuseScore 3.5.1, Windows 7
Well, it starts and brings up a screen with an empty list of scores, not sure what to do with this then though

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