Screen Jumps during Notation and Playback - MuseScore 1.3 & 2.0 Beta 1

• Aug 28, 2014 - 00:02

The screen will jump to the top of the score when inputting notes onto a score, especially when clicking to select a note in a staff at the bottom of the page, and cause the note to jump to a ludicrously high register. The screen will not scroll down to the intended staff if you still have the note selected, so you have to let go of the note (release the mouse button), scroll down, and then select the note to drag it back to where you wanted to put it. This problem has happened occasionally in MS 1.3, but has so far been a frequent occurrence in MS 2.0 Beta 1.

This next problem may or may not be related to the screen jumping during notation, but I cannot look at one part of the score during synthesizer playback, again especially if I want to look at the lower instruments at the bottom of the page, because the screen keeps jumping back to the top of the score. So, unless I shrink the view so that the entire score is in the window, which makes it too small to read, I can't look at, say, the tuba and euphonium parts while listening to the playback. This is an issue in MS 1.3 and MS 2.0.


Can you describe the first problem in more detail? Posting the score you having problems with and the exact steps you are following to enter notes would help. I guess you are using the mouse to enter your notes? Do be aware that you can't make the moue *not* enter notes while in note entry mode. So you can't click to select a ntoe while in note entry mdoe - clicking enters a new note, period. That was true n 1.3 as well as in 2.0 Beta 1.

The second part of what you describe is a known issue - #7724: During playback, display jumps to top of page if last staff of system is showing. The good news is, it goes away if you switch to the new Continuous Mode (see dropdown menu right next to zoom setting in toolbar).

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I use a mouse to enter notes most of the time, but not exclusively. The problem occurs whether I use the touchpad or a mouse in notation mode, though, not if I am using the (computer) keyboard (i.e., pressing '4' and pressing 'C' to enter an eighth note of 'C'). It probably happens 4 out of 5 times when selecting/entering notes, whether I am changing the note value of a note already on the page, or entering notes. It also happens if I am not in notation mode but selecting a note to raise or lower its pitch. I have attached the score I have been working on most recently.

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1. Open MuseScore
2. Open score
3. Position score so that I'm looking at the low brass instruments
4. Select a note (not in notation mode)
5. Screen jumps.

It doesn't always jerk the note into impossible high ledger lines when I click and hold onto a note I want to move, but the screen still jumps 9 times out of ten.

I will try to post a screen recording of this later today.

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Do you know if this can be fixed yet? I'm surprised to see a thread so old. When I start getting a score with a few pages in length, every single time I enter notation mode either by clicking on the toolbar at the top or by using the numbers on my keyboard, my screen jumps to the first bar of the piece as if it thinks I want to enter notes there instead of on page 6 for example.

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I think what you’re describing is not related to the issue described here. Sounds like you are simply forgetting to first select the location where you want to enter notes - either a specific element or a measure. That’s always supposed to be the first step. If you forget, MuseScore needs to guess. It’s supposed to guess somewhere currently on screen, but there are a few special cases where that can fail.

If you continue to have trouble after selecting the location where you want to enter notes, please attach your score and steps to reproduce the problem.

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Well, I'm certainly sure that the note input cursor must work. That's not optional. A cursor that fails to follow the current input position makes no sense.

However, what you show in the second video I *think* I understand. It appears you are clicking one note, then scrolling the screen to another note that does not that does not fit onscreen at the same time, and the view shifts back to the beginning of the measure. I have determined that this happens not jus if you click the first note of the measure, but if you had clicked *anywhere* else before clicking the new note (ie, if a selection exists).

That much does seem to be a bug, hopefully with an easy fix.

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True, but the bugs shown in these last two videos go beyond the sort of things one should *expect* when in page view. We expect the view to shift when you run off the end of one system on to the next; we don't expect simply clicking on a note in the middle of a measure or system somewhere to shift that note *out* of view to show the beginning of the measure or system.

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OK, that's a nice clear demonstration as well. This appears to be a variation of chenlung's video above, showing that on certain click operations, MuseScore seems to be attempting to shift the view to fit the whole *system* in view at once, and when this isn't possible, you get the top of the system, which isn't what you want.

Hopefully a similar fix will take care of this. Thanks for the example:

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You shouldn't normally have to do that. It isn't totlly clear what is happening from your video; posting the actual score and precise steps to reproduce the problem would help. But in general, MuseScore acts just like a word processor with respect to "word wrap". If you are nearing the end of a line of text and start entering a word that is too long to fit on that line, the word will wrap to the next line as soon as you exceed the limit. This is perfectly normal behavior for any word processor or text editor. And it is the same with MuseScore - if entering notes into a measure at the end of one line and the measure becomes too long to fit on that line, the measure will wrap to the next line as soon as you exceed the limit.

You video appears to show something else - a measure jumping even though you are entering notes somewhere else. But again, it's kind of hard to tell. There might be some unusual special thing going on with your score, which is why we'd need you to post it in order to investigate further if there is some sort of corner case problem you are seeing.

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