Custom audio on scores is incorrect...

• Oct 13, 2020 - 10:50

When I hit the play button on any score with custom audio (both mine and other people's scores across the entire website), the audio plays as if the entire score were using the default Musescore 3 soundfont (Musescore_General.sf3). Any instruments that use other soundfonts are just switched to Musescore_General.sf3.

I've checked on multiple devices, logged on/off, and checked the playback settings, but the issue persists. I even confirmed that another user was having the same problem. Hopefully this is just a temporary bug that'll get resolved...


The part that is relevant here is, how to upload your own score to in a way that preserves your soundfont choices. The answer is, check the "Upload score audio" box in the dialog box that appears when using 'Save online".

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