What the best Linux Distribution to work with MuseScore

• Oct 14, 2020 - 16:15

Dear friends, health and greetings!

I am seriously pondering migration from Windows 7 to Linux. I have no experience with Linux and just have read something about it and seen a comparison table between the many distributions.

Linux seems to be more reliable and quicker as a system, and that is vital.

I have seen that some Linux distributions are meant for multimedia, specially for music, like musix or dyne:bolic.

I am actually at loss on what distribution I should choose, but a high priority is the seamless and quick working of MuseScore as well its integration with MIDI sources and other music softwares that might be provided in such packages.

Presently, MuseScore seems to be heavy on my Windows 7 system and works poorly and slowly, but that might be due to the system direly needing reinstallation. Instead of giving Windows a new opportunity, I would rather jump to Linux, but as for now, that feels like a jump on the darkness.

Any feedback about the performance of MuseScore in Linux as well in specific distributions is welcome. Additional feedback on other Linux music distributions and software is welcome as well. I will be certainly using Audacity, and might use other tools insofar the system performance allows.

I might use some video edition as well, but poor performance has been hindering any plane from coming to light.

Thank you for any feedback.

PS: a new SSD disk is on the way, so that the memory would expand from some 300 GB to 500 GB.


I will not tell you not to use Linux. I use windows myself but your older machine might benefit from running Linux. Version 4 will have VST support and enable working with Noteworthy Performer. Noteworthy Performer does not work with Linux and from what I've heard they don't intend to add that support. As long as this doesn't deter you then this is the only negative thing I could say about using Linux, otherwise every Linux user I've run into in these forums is very happy with how it works with MuseScore and the only difference between the MuseScore versions is a couple of shortcuts.

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Thank you, mike320, that is good to know and encouraging.

I don't think I would use VST for the time being, being not familiar with that - then it doesn't seem like an obstacle.

By the way, I googled Noteworthy Performer and could just find Noteworthy Composer music software - was that a typo?

Thank you anyway, I guess I will figure out how to do things once I begin to install Linux.

I will have to install a Windows emulator as Wine or another, since there are some two irreplaceable programs I will still need. In such case, VST software like Noteworthy would apparently function as well.

I use ubuntu studio - https://ubuntustudio.org/
I then download and run the AppImage - https://musescore.org/en/download

Why? - ubuntu studio comes with MuseScore and a lot of useful sound and graphics programs. It is stable and you can use LibreOffice for your non-creative needs. You can create a bootable USB or DVD and try it before installing it. You can also opt for a dual-boot where you can choose to launch Windows or ubuntu at boot time (note that this will require some clean-up work to get Windows as small as possible prior to creating apartition for Ubuntu). The AppImages provide a way to keep up-to-date with MuseScore releases since the official ubuntu ones only update every six months.

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