Viewing a single part of a multi-instrument score.

• Oct 15, 2020 - 20:45

Is there a way to view a single part in a multi-piece score? (For example, view the trumpet 3 part in a jazz piece separately from the full piece)? Thanks!


A quick and temporary way is to open the Instruments dialogue (type I, or Edit > Instruments), untick the Visible property for the unwanted instruments, then click OK. For example to see just the Oboe:

Hide instruments.png

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This is the best answer, FWIW. Playing with visibility of instruments can occasional be useful for unusual special purposes if you don't care too much about the layout, but assuming you actually want to see the trumpet part as it actually will appear when printed - and might eventually want to print it, along with all the other parts - File / Parts is the facility designed specifically for this.

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