My Roland BK-3 isn't sticking

• Oct 16, 2020 - 00:39

Hi! I just got a Roland BK-3 keyboard, and had hoped to use it as (among other things) a sound module for MuseScore. I've followed the instructions for connecting it: plug in the USB cable and turn the keyboard on; then open MuseScore and go to Edit > Preferences, click I/O, and under MIDI Input and MIDI Output pull down the menu to "MMSystem,BK-3" in each; then hit "OK."
It doesn't connect. The BK-3 obviously does register as present, but playback will only come from my desktop speakers. If I open Preferences again, the MIDI Input and MIDI Output spaces are blank. I can re-enter the BK-3 and hit Apply, and it appears to work, but as soon as I leave the Preferences dialog it's not there any more.
I've tried rebooting the Audio and MIDI from the program, re-loading the driver, rebooting my computer, turning the keyboard off and back on, and everything else along those lines that I can think of.
They keyboard has some really awesome sounds that I'm sure I could make great use of, but this is stopping me from doing so.


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