Multiple voice triplets

• Oct 16, 2020 - 08:42

I ran into a situation that I have never encountered.

I had two voice in triplets on the same staff, so I thought I would be able to write the triplets create a second voice and then write the second voice of triplets. NOT so fast. I could not get muse score to populate a second voice--in this case--over the triplets.

My solution was to write quarter notes in two voices and then go back and convert them to the triplets I wanted. I am fairly used to the work arounds to do most things but this seemed like a glitch in the system.

Anyone encountered this?


Can you be very specific on the steps you took (which keys pressed in which order, where did you click etc?) and where it seemingly fails for you?

It should work fine. I often make a measure full of triplet rests in voice 1 and voice 2 then go back and enter notes into the two voices.

So I think I have an answer, but first

I wrote in the notes I wanted for voice one then highlighted the whole measure to add voice two. A step I have taken many times with success. When I highlighted the measure of triplets I could not add a voice two. So ...

I added the two voices over quarter notes, then transformed them into triplets

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I have no problems selecting an entire measure and turning the rests into triplets. I selected a measure with measure rests in both voices 1 and 2 and got appropriate triplets. I then filled the measure in both voices with 1/4 rests, selected the measure and turned them into appropriate triplets. I can't think of what you might be doing wrong.

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