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• Oct 16, 2020 - 15:31

Hello all,
in measure #20 I want to copy the note "a" and paste it into the bass clef.
It does not work, neither by shortcut nor by menu.
Strange, ey?

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Works ok for me from toolbar menu, and right click menu and CTRL+C/CTRL+V. Are you perhaps trying to copy paste while in note input mode? Press Esc to ensure you are not in note input mode and try again.

My guess is you tried selecting the single notehead only rather than creating a range selection including the chord. If you don't see a blue rectangle, probably copy & paste won't do what you want. If you continue to have trouble, please give us the precise steps to reproduce the isssue.

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A range by definition has a specific start point and a specific end point, also a specific top staff and a specific bottom staff. All of these might happen to be the same, but still, a range selection is inherently different than a single selection, since a range selection contains everything within those boundaries - all notes and other markings of all voices within that start/stop/top/bottom. And that's why MuseScore draws a rectang,e to show you that you have created a range selection. Shift+click will create or extend a range selection.

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