How would one add another separate staff from the first?

• Oct 17, 2020 - 23:51

Tell me if this is unclear, but I would like another line on my sheet because I only have one treble clef and one bass clef. I would like to continue the song, but can't seem to figure it out.


If you run out of measures, press ctrl+b to add one measure or shift+alt+b to specify how many measures to add. MuseScore will do a pretty good job of automatically moving measures to a new line (system) when they need to move.

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I've done this, but it seems to add way more measures then I had intended. Is there any way for this to be fixed or if that can't be changed, I'm totally ok with figuring some other way around it. Any way you could help me would be great! Another thing I'm struggling with is changing the tempo after the document is created and adding more notes between the ones it seems I can only add. (Unless I don't want 4 notes per measure)

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Perhaps you weren't clear on the first post. Do you want to add a third instrument so it plays at the same time as the other two staves?

For tempo, check out Reading the manual once is a good idea so you can have an idea of how to do things that you expect to do. The first six months I used the program I kept the PDF of the manual on my desk top and did a search for any questions I ran into. You're of course welcomed to ask questions here.

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Yeah maybe, I just want a piano track, with a correct tempo and to be able to put four measures on each line of the sheet. If you could give me a little bit more advice on if there’s a way for me to put four measures on each part of the paper, or just as many measures as it will allow on each line. I want to thank you for your help at this time.

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Under the Format menu is an option to add/remove system breaks. You can set the number of measures you want on a line there. Just be aware that if you put a lot of notes in a measure, you won't be able to keep 4 measures in a system without shrinking everything. MuseScore will only squish notes and spaces so close together and won't automatically shrink the staff for you. If you need help with that then ask.

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