unmatched repeat (beginning but not ending symbol)

• Oct 18, 2020 - 01:44

I have a Schubert score I am copying with a repeat that is not closed by the end of the score. There is a double bar line between that starts the Coda but is only a key change. Is this also an implicit closing repeat. I know there are implicit beginning repeats for section change or beginning of the score but never this situation. Should I place an invisible closing repeat to get it to play back properly?


Schubert is rather hit and miss on if there are multiple published scores but I would suggest that you find another published score to see what it says or possibly even a manuscript. Unfortunately Schubert's manuscripts were given to many people so it's less likely you will find a single library of his scores. I haven't searched for his scores but you might try doing a google search for the score you are copying. Maybe there is a university in Vienna that is trying to collect all of his scores and make them available.

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