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• Oct 18, 2020 - 20:56

some time ago the template for a Eurpose Concertband was made. Here are some suggestions for improving it. The pitch of copy / paste between various instruments is not correct in my opinion. Please include music theory. In an original Conductor (score) it says, for example, Tuba C. To convert it to another instrument (bass Bb, Eb and Euphonium Bb TC) I do that with copy / paste so that the pitch is correctly transferred. Something is wrong in the template here. Attached is a wish to enable the correct pitch (octave) from Tuba C for copy / paste.
Thank you for your interest in this matter.
Please also add a Euphonium Bb in TC to the template (a normal instrument in a European Concert band). It was forgotten in the formatting.



The pictures are what you want? That is what the template has already except there is no Euphonium or C tuba. I'm not sure where you got the display for the PDF you created.

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Mike. I made in MuseScore a Score (Conductor) a befriended conductor for "Anton Bruckner Symfonie n°7 Adagio and Scherzo". He asked to make a score with all instrument and for the basses only Tuba C and Euphonium C. Started from the European template and filled in Tuba C and Euphonium C (instruments from out the muse score bib. That display shows only the bass instruments. Further I copied this voices into a separate file for Bas Bb Eb an Euphonium Bb TC (the instruments played in Europe). In this transfer it goes wrong, the Tuba C comes not in the good octave (the other displays). I hoop you understand the problem in transferring instruments with copy/paste but the keys are correct.

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You are doing something wrong I can't see in a picture. The transpositions of the instruments are such that if you copy from a C tuba (bass clef) to an Eb tuba (TC) MuseScore transposes correctly. They only way this doesn't happen is if you define one of the instruments yourself and define it incorrectly.

This score was created by entering notes into the C tuba then copy and paste into each of the other instruments.

Edit: I saw my score had an edit so I updated it.

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When I copy / paste an instrument into another instrument, it adapts to the key and octa. But I see that the pitch type is wrong. Would you like to add the instruments mentioned below in my "TEST Bruckner.mscz" so that the key and the pitch are perfect.

Here is a part of a score for "Bruckner Symphony N ° 7 Adagio" as an appendix. This work has been translated from the original symphonic music to wind orchestra.
Only Tuba C and Euphoium C are provided in this score (TEST Bruckner.mscz). In order to play this music, I want to have Tuba Bb & Eb in BC. (These are the most common lower voices in a European concert band)
Please, can you enter the instruments Tuba (we call it bass) Bb & Eb in BC and euphonium Bb in TC.
Another request is to supply the euphonium Bb TC in the existing template (European wind band), this is not supplied in the actual template.

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Here is the Bruckner with the Bb euphonium and Basses added. The basses are already defined so you need only search for them to add them to the score. For the Euphonium, I added a Baritone Horn (TC) and changed the name to Euphonium B♭ since the difference between the two instruments is mostly the bore of the tubing.

For the template, Jojo asked you to add a suggestion in the issue tracker. When he sees these he will typically fix the template for the next release. You can then subscribe to your suggestion so you can see when the change is merged into the next release. There is no reason it wouldn't be included in 3.6.

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Nice done.
In attachment you can see I did a transposition. In that way de D is placed on there right place.
The conductor (my client) want's to have the note D ( in D in this case) on that place in pitch.
In that way with pitching I can replace the notes, in the future, on the playable place and de conductor is happy.

I gave JoJo an issue tracker for perfecting a template for European Concertband.

Thanks for everything ! I have learned again.

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