DC al Fine positioning

• Oct 21, 2020 - 22:46

Hi all, trying to figure out how to position the DC al Fine type instructions at the bottom of the stave rather than the top as it seems to have as a default... any help greatly appreciated :-)



If it's a single staff, select it and press x. If it's at the bottom of several staves rather than one you'll need to use staff text, format it and move it under the staff you attach it to. You might want to make the original text invisible by selecting it and pressing v. There are other ways, but I consider them messy.

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Hmm, tried that. I'm using the grand stave for a piano piece, select the last bar of the bass stave then double click on the DC al Fine button in the Repeats and Jumps palette, it then goes straight to the top of the treble stave. When I try to select the DC al Fine text and move it below the stave, the little purple tether appears and it tethers the instruction to the top of the treble stave, if I move it to below the bass stave it will initially go where I want it but as soon as I release the mouse it shifts to between the staves and puts a larger gap between the 2 staves.

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