Lag with sound-preview of a selected/input note

• Oct 22, 2020 - 00:06

Anyone else feel lag when selecting a note with the sound preview?

Like with the sound of the piano for instance, if I mouse-click a note on a score, the "sound preview" seems to require "completion of the sound", and then the actual selection (blue highlighting) shows that note as selected. Albeit it's only about a little less than a second, it sure does feel sluggish compared to what I can imagine it to be as more immediate. Upon selecting notes quickly, which I often do with the mouse while working with musical examples etc., I notice this lag substantially.

This also happens when inputting notes: they don't appear until silence results from after the note preview sound on my system.

IMO, Musescore would benefit nicely from having a more immediate feel by letting the preview notes not require completion of the sound before updating the selection/showing new notes.


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Hey, I just realized that I only get this lag when my inspector is open. If I close it then it works just fine and I don't notice any serious lag between note entries or traversing the score, but as soon as the inspector is opened and docked on the right-side, I notice this delay while moving between notes as described earlier.

Out of curiosity, would you care to verify if inspector is open or not when doing this and maybe compare the two of open/closed? And thanks.

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