Bad sound quality during online uploaded score playback

• Oct 22, 2020 - 02:59

Tried to upload a score about an hour ago, and when I went to listen to it to make sure it sounded okay (I arrange and compose as a hobby and I wanted to share it with someone), the sound quality was terrible. It sounded completely normal in the application. This is the 5th score I've tried uploading and this is the first time I've run into this. They usually sound fine with the only issue being volume, but that's not a big deal because you can just turn up the volume when you listen to it on the browser.

The sound issue can be described as having no reverb whatsoever, and when the bass drum hits, every other instrument's volume dies down for a split second, kind of like how in some dubstep, when there's a big bass percussion hit during the drop, everything else drops in volume for a split second. Then the higher pitched instruments, like the trumpets, clarinets, picc, etc. come in, they are overpowered by the low brass and percussion. In case you need to listen for yourself, here's the link to the upload:…

I have also provided the original .mscz file.

What I have tried to do to resolve it is reupload, reupload again, open a new file and copy and past everything onto there then upload this, and open the online uploaded score on my phone to check if it's not just my computer acting up. Nothing has worked.

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What soundfont are you using locally? The default one, the HQ extension, something entirely different? If not the default one, did you tick the box for uploading the score audio when doing the save online

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OK, that box won't show (or not be enabled for selection) when using the default soundfont.

I'm not sure whether the MuseScore backend on has been updated to the latest version yet, this might explain a difference in sound.

Edit, that's not it, had been updated 2-3 days ago

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