Playback options, etc?

• Oct 17, 2009 - 20:27

I'm completely new to composition and notation software in general and MuseScore in particular. Please excuse foolish questions.

1. MuseScore's piano simulation is terrific, but a piano's attach and decay are inappropriate approximations of many instruments. Is there a way to either pick a different simulator or to change the characteristics of existing simulator? If not, is this a limitation of all composition software?

2. I picked "Voice" as instrument for a test and am running into range limitations. (The yellow of out-of range notes makes them illegible.) Is there a way to change the instrument associated with a staff? If not, is there a way to change the default range characteristics of an instrument? Or copy a line from one score and past it into another score that specifies a different instrument?


1. The default piano is not so terrific but decent ;) You can have any instrument sound by installing a Soundfont .
2. I don't think there is something simple. As a workaround, you can go to Create -> Instrument and add one, copy paste your whole first instrument in the second one. And go again to Creeate -> Instrument to remove the first one.

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Thanks. Anybody familiar com[uter-based music would have know about SoundFonts, but that's not me.

I'm not sure the instructions for incorporating SFs into MuseScore is complete. I had to restart MuseScore twice to make the SFs usable. After the first restart "Play" produced no sound, but MuseScore was obviously "playing" the score. The "problem shooting" section of the instructions did not address this problem.

BTW, I could not figure out how to search the bug reports. The Search function seems to search all fora., Did I miss something obvious?

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No, I haven't really spent any time in mixer. I've downloaded a fairly good SoundFont collection and it seems to do what I want. I haven't figured out how to combine multiple SoundFont files (or even tell what's in any given file), but that's for later.

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