Can't download separate parts after transposing

• Oct 23, 2020 - 00:44

Hi guys,

I'm looking to download the score linked below with separate parts (violin 1, violin 2 etc.), but also after transposing. The website does not allow me to transpose, only the app does. When I head on to the app, I can transpose, but not download separate parts. When I use the desktop app, I have to first import the PDF, then transpose. However, the import changes the notes, key signature, time signature, and even staves in some parts. Obviously this is a pretty flawed approach.

Does anybody know how I can get the following score in separate parts, and transposed up two semitones (it was in D major, and I'd like it in E major)? It would be incredibly helpful. I have also attached a downloaded version of the full score in E major if this is helpful, but was unable to download separate parts.

Thank you!

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You are not explaining this correctly at all. I downloaded the score into MuseScore (the desktop program), accepted the reset of positions since it was made in version 2, then used Tools->Transpose (without selecting anything) and chose the key of E. Now everything is what I expect.

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Click on the download button on the website. A window will show up and give you several format options. Choose MuseScore unless you want one of the other formats for some reason. My computer is set up to automatically open these files in MuseScore, but you may need to open it yourself when the download is complete.

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