Fiddled with Inspector on Voices, now Entire Line is Muted

• Oct 24, 2020 - 05:34

So I'm writing a piece of music and I needed an accidental trill. So I read about adding a second voice to play the "trill" and using Inspector to hide it, and then using inspector to mute voice 1 FOR JUST THE MEASURES IN THE TRILL (by selecting the notes in the trill and unchecking the "play" box)

Now all is fine and dandy until I play back the piece and now the entirety of my first violin part, both voice 1 and voice 2 are completely and utterly muted. How do I get my audio back? The rest of the piece has the "play" box checked

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In the mixer (F10) there is a list of voices on the right side of the window under the label Mute Voice. You have 1 selected which means only that voice is muted for that instrument. When it's not blue it's not muted.

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