Chord symbols for 4-3 progression?

• Oct 24, 2020 - 15:48

Is it possible to write chord symbols like these in MuseScore?

original 4-3.png

Or similar progressions like 4-3-2-3? I tried everything that came to my mind, but nothing really worked.

Thanks for any tips!


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Well, it's basically a normal triad with the middle note "moving", e.g. a sus4 chord resolving to a major chord, like this:


That's the nearest thing I can come up with in MuseScore. But the numbers should be raised a bit (like in the first chord) and usually there are also some dots or a dotted line between the numbers.

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This isn't the standard notation for this with chord symbols - normally it would be Asus4, then just A. The notation you are using is more of a Roman numeral analysis notation. MuseScore does support Roman numeral analysis (Add / Text / Roman Numeral Analysis). But Roman numeral analysis would use, well, Roman numerals, not letter names, for the roots. Luckily, it does work anyhow, so I guess that would be the way to do it.

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Hi Marc,

thanks for the tip. This "basically" works. But we're using the Jazz style for chord symbols – and it seems that the Jazz style is not applied to the RNA symbols:


But even if I switch to Standard style for the chord symbols it doesn't fit exactly (e.g. in RNA notation the flat symbol is raised, in chord notation it is not):


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Right, RNA is normally using a Roman font, hence the "R" :-). As mentioned, what you are trying to do here is non-standard, so MuseScore doesn't support it directly out of the box. You might be better just using staff text then, and superscripting the 4. Assuming it wouldn't be simpler to just switch to the standard notation.

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