Misleading advertising or bug?

• Oct 26, 2020 - 13:14

Hi all.
I have recently purchased the pro license of Musecore. I was using free before, but I noticed I could not access some "official" scores. (see image attached). I was lead to believe that purchasing the PRO license would unlock this access. However after purchasing it, I now can not even find these "official" scores.
Is this misleading advertising or a bug?
Kind regards

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Hi. This is not an advertisement and it's not a bug. It's an experiment. Probably, we might add some additional content to musescore.com, but we want to check how they act with this. It you click to the Official Score in search results and then go through this funnel, you'll see that it's a fake door.

If you need more information (or refund), please, email me on d.mandelshtam@musescore.com. I'll help to solve the problem.

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  1. It is not a "fake door". Clicking the "official score" takes you straight to the PRO subscription screen.
  2. You are advertising a feature of your service that you do not offer, taking the money upfront. You calling it an "experiment" does not change the fact that this is false advertising, which is illegal in most countries.

The lack of this feature does not bother me that much. Your response however has made my blood boil. You must think that I (and all your other customers) are fools. Writing such blatant lies and gaslighting.

And yes. I demand! a refund.

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I agree, that was the funnel through which I purchased a pro subscription. I am not upset about it, I am plenty happy with everything pro already offers, yet it feels like it could easily cause problems.

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That is sage advice, particularly when one reads something like this:
If you click to the Official Score in search results and then go through this funnel, you'll see that it's a fake door.

I've been around this forum long enough to understand that "funnels" or "fake doors" can lead to a "black hole" -- from which there is no escape. ;-)
(Especially after having provided one's payment info.)

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