Beaming of 3 Consecutive Eighth Notes in Simple Duple/Quadruple Meter

• Oct 26, 2020 - 14:01

Is there a way to change MuseScore's default beaming of eighth notes in simple duple/quadruple meter so that three consecutive eighth (or sixteenth/32nd) notes are not automatically beamed together? Basically, I only want eighth notes beamed together if they are in groups of two or four. Every publishing convention I've seen in printed music separates either the first or third eighth note from the beamed pair (depending on where they fall on the down- or upbeats.)

For example, three eighth notes on "1 & 2" with the "and of 2" being a rest would have the eighth note on the downbeat of 2 be separate from the beamed pair on "1 &". The same with the "&" of three eighth notes on "& 2 &": the "& of 1" would be beamed separately from "2 &".

Yes, I understand that I can use "Beam Properties" in the palette to separate the note in question, but it is a tedious task, especially when working with large scores. It would be much easier, and seem to follow industry convention, if the "odd man out" eighth note was beamed separately automatically.


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