Bad File Descriptor

• Oct 26, 2020 - 23:52

This is the error message I get every time I try to save:

Open Temp File
failed: Bad file descriptor

I am using Windows 10. I use ctrl + s to save. I have tried using "save as", but the changes made don't last after resetting. I have tried reinstalling Musecore, which did not fix the problem.
I have already checked my antivirus software, and made an exception for Musescore; this did not help. Reverting to factory settings didn't help either.

Please advise.


Is it literally "Owner" in the pathname? Is that your account name? This problem could indicate a permissions problem in the folder you are trying to save to. Or it could indicate that the temp file itself is write protected somehow.

But, Save As definitely works, not sure what you mean about changes not lasting or what you mean by resetting. When you do the Save As, be sure to pay attention to which folder you are saving to, and what name you are saving as. Then loading that save file from that same folder should always work. Probably you are loading the older version of the file by mistake.

So I've recently encountered the same problem. This page was on my top search. But it did not provide solution.

(for windows 10 or 11)
go to settings => Privacy and Security => Windows Security => Virus & Threat protection => Manage settings =>
Manage controll Folder access => Allow an app through controlled folder access => add allowed app => Recently blocked apps => Musescore

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