When selecting a measure for copying into another measure, hairpins paste into the target measure but cresc. lines do not

• Oct 28, 2020 - 10:46

MS 3.5.2, Windows 10
I'm pretty sure the Subject line explains it adequately, however the behavior is not consistent.
In measure 378 of the attached, cresc pasted from the oboe stave to the bassoon staff.
However in measure 376, the dim did/will not paste from oboe into the clarinet or bassoon staves.

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Die Walküre, Act III Scene I.mscz 1.12 MB


For me it copies if I copy two measures, not just one. I guess technically the end point of the line is in the next measure, and lines only copy if both endpoints are in the range. Not sure what makes that particular line unique and appear to extend to the next measure, I guess something about the use of multiple voices.

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