Exporting MIDI fules properly

• Oct 28, 2020 - 17:38

Not sure what forum to put this under.
Can anyone tell me why most of the time that I export a file to MIDI for Piano, either the bass ends up in the treble or the treble ends up in the bass? Or am I mistaken and the problem is my instrument?

I have a Yamaha DX660 and "almost" every time I export a file to midi, copy it onto a memory stick and try to utilize it on my keyboard, the bass rises into the treble or vise versa.

If I was just listening to the music it would not matter however I am trying to learn and the non separation of right and left hands makes this useless (may be Yamaha's fault).

On the one or 2 songs that did export / import properly it's a nicety being able to learn one hand at a time while the unit plays the other based on my speed and accuracy.

Just curious if there is anything I can do on Musescore's end to circumvent this.

Thank you and Best Regards,

Jay Mahoney


Are you by chance taking about import, not export? In other words, you have a MIDI file created on your Yamaha keyboard that you are trying to open in MuseScore? Unfortunately, MIDI files produced in this way have no way of recording which notes were played by which hand, so MuseScore has to guess. If you have a particular MIDI file where you feel the guessing algorithm could be improved, please attach that file so we can understand better.

If you really do mean export - a score that sounds normal within MuseScore, then you export it to MIDI, and try to play that on your Yahama but it sounds different - notes moved up an octave - then we'd need you to attach the score itself (MSCZ file) in order to understand and assist. I've never heard of that happening though.

If you just mean that the Yamaha has the same difficulty guessing which notes are to be played by which hand, then my original comments stands - MIDI just doesn't have a way of representing that for a file containing only a single track.

As far as I know (I don't have a Yamaha digital piano, but we have already discussed a similar issue on this forum):
Right-hand must be on MIDI channel1 and left-hand on MIDI channel2.

While exporting the Musescore Piano instrument, it uses one channel but two separate tracks. And in that case, it is likely: both tracks will appear in the right-hand staff on your instrument.

You have to either set the left-hand's channel to MIDI-channel2 with a MIDI editor software, or in Musescore you have to use two separate instruments for the left and right hand of the piano. So it will be easy to check that their channel numbers are 1 and 2 in the mixer.

Disadvantage: Sustain-pedal data remains on only one channel. I don't know how Yamaha will evaluate this.

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