Update makes Musescore crash

• Oct 29, 2020 - 01:26

I have installed the latest update 3.3.0, but since doing that everytime I try to open up the programme, it keeps telling me it has crashed, I can't even send a report as it tells me it won't allow that to contine. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and yet when I try to open it again, it tells me it recently crashed do I want to go back to the the previous page I had opened, I have tried both clicking on yes and no but either way it still shuts down on me. Can you help resolve this?


The crash report mechanism is currently broken so that's not an option at the moment. The latest version is 3.5.2 which can be found at https://musescore.org/en/download. I'm not sure of your source for your updates but they are quite far behind the latest MuseScore releases.

To fix your crash, try to double click an existing score. If this works, open Edit->Preferences and uncheck the start center. This is a bug that's been present for some windows users since 3.0 was released. At long last I think the root cause has been found so I hope it will be fixed for version 3.6 when it gets released.

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That is the crash report not working. PDF is not a MuseScore file. You need to double click a mscz or mscx file to start MuseScore then disable the start center. I'm not sure what the problem with Import PDF is, but it's probably the same problem that's causing a crash when the Start Center turns on.

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I click File - Import PDF from Musescore 3, which then takes me to the Musescore.org page where it turns it into a mscx file, it then has next to it download, which I do to my computer, then open the zip file, until I come to Musescore file (score), I click on it to open it which it does into Musescore 3, then it crashes. I have set it so the start centre doesn't come up, but it still keeps crashing, it seems to have only happened since the latest update which I did yesterday.

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I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but everytime it loads again it still comes up saying the last session ended early, do I want to reload it - I have tried both yes and no and either way it still crashes, so now I have tried to remove everything to do with musescore, logged out and restarted the latpop to see if that helps I am about to reinstall again.

It appears everytime I uninstall it, it still remembers my last session when I reinstall it. I tried importing a different file and worked fine, so maybe the file I was trying to import was corrupt even though I changed it over to a musescore file via musescore.com, I assumed the file was ok. Since loading another file, it now doesn't remember the session that ended quickly, so now it doesn't show anymore and now loads fine without crashing, so it must be the file that is corrupt.

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