Uploading via SAVE ONLINE does not export audio, with latest version

• Oct 31, 2020 - 16:18

hey folks

updated a few days ago. Just uploaded a score via 'save online' and the audio is silent. I knew during the 'processing phase' something must have been wrong as it took about 2 seconds after the export phase. Usually, with the custom soundfonts in a 4 minute piece the processing would take over a minute.

any ideas on this one?

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gbpo shuffl;e 20 no errors.mscz 76.8 KB


took 4 tries, and had to then 'update' score from the website to get it working. tried another score, from another computer.

same issue.

tried it a 2nd time, it worked.

my gut tells me the problem is over at .com

does someone know the forum for help over there?

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