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Hey, guys -
It's been a long time -- I used Aud. once before, but it's been a while now and there have been changes in the 'requirements' as for Java and a compatible browser. I've been searching for HOURS for info or directions on what is needed in the way of which ver of Java and which browser (FF doesn't support Java). What little I did find was obviously outdated, so I just need to know from whoever currently uses the program to let me know what browser(s) will work (if I need a browser!) and if I need the latest JRE. (I have downloaded Aud...exe). Any advice or suggestions is appreciated!


Starting from their readme in the repository ( you are linked to these instructions:…
The quite clearly mention that you need to install a version 8 JRE:

Make sure to install Java version 8. Audiveris will currently not work with newer versions (9 and later).

The relevant Audiveris installers can be downloaded from

There is no mention of a browser at all, and you shouldn't need one (other than to download the installers).

Edit: As an aside, I'm not sure where you've been looking for hours, but that first page with the readme was the first hit on 3 different search engines for me when searching for "Audiveris"

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I'm sorry you find the answer to be condescending; my edit really is meant as an aside out of curiosity.

After all, your opening post never mentioned looking at the official documentation, which in my experience was extremely easy to find. It only mentions having to have to search for "HOURS" and only finding "obviously outdated information".
So I genuinely wonder about what makes one come to such a conclusion and leads to the idea that the official documentation (which is shown to be updated just last month) is "hopelessly outdated"?

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Thanks for the reply -
Here's what the doc. said: " Make sure to install Java version 8. Audiveris will currently not work with newer versions (9 and later). " This indicates to me that there ARE newer versions - maybe 2! - in which case there COULD have been changes/updates made since that post that would affect the requirements addressed.
Secondly, as you probably know, it is unsafe to have an 'old' version of Java. so, surely you can see my concern.
Please watch for another question coming soon.

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Those newer versions apply to the part of the sentence before it, namely the JRE/Java versions, not those from Audiveris.

The safety of an older JRE is mostly with regards of the software you run on it; specifically when you run it as a browser plugin. So in that respect, I'd advise you to not install the Web plugin version of that JRE. There isn't much software out there that uses it any longer anyhow.

I'd like to once again apologize for the tone that came across in my first reply. It is very much a good thing to ask questions when you have concerns about something, so please do not hesitate to continue doing so in the future (just keep in mind that with regards to Audiveris you might indeed find some users on our forums, but the product itself isn't really supported here).

I also don't blame you for not discovering the edit date on that readme file. Indeed, most other files are 2y old there. As a MuseScore contributor I've become so accustomed to the github webinterface that I just know that it by default shows the file contents and that you can see the last edit date in the file listing on top of such a page.; I'll gladly admit that this is all due to my prior experience skewing my initial views on such a page :)

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Hello again, jeetee et al - been a long time -
I was hoping I wouldn't have to bother you with this Audiveris problem, but I'm having no luck reaching any of them! I managed to get a question posted somewhere - about a 'Load error' but I no longer have that problem. I've tried to reach someone - if only to have a short dialogue - but have failed. The only responses I received were from "Discobot" and it doesn't even recognize "audiveris."
Yes, I went to their site, found a link to the 'support community' but saw no provision there for posting a question: I did see the "New Topic" button, and got a question posted that way, I think, but maybe these posts are just not getting through for some reason.
HERE'S WHAT I NEED, PLEASE - A tutorial video ( or just a 'cheat sheet' ) with instruction on how to fix the errors in a transcribed score. The Audiveris>Help>Handbook only touches on each step of the 4-step conversion. There's one youtube video I found, but it is apparently outdated - (demonstration involved 'circling' an error rather than using the crosshairs. ANY help would be appreciated!
Many Thanks!

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As stated previously, I have zero experience with Audiveris itself.
Depending on the mess-up I can help with showing you how to fix scores in MuseScore, but that's very much context dependent and likely more involved than getting the score fixed directly within Audiveris.

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Well, I haven't read anywhere that you're not familiar with Aud. I guess I assumed, since you're so knowledgeable, that you would be a user, or know something about it. Anyway, I'm pretty much okay with MuseScore editing, except maybe for the +'s; What's the quickest way to fix those - Input mode?

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I don't think anyone I've ever seen post on these forums seems particularly familiar with Audiveris.

By the "+", I guess you mean, measures that have too many beats in them. Best way to deal with them depends on why there are too many beats, you'd have to point to a specific example. But, to remove beats, you can use Ctrl+Delete, or adjust the actual duration in Measure Properties. How to actually make sure the correct notes end up in the correct places is what depends on exactly what went wrong, and it's likely different from measure to measure. Sometimes copying and pasting witll get what you want, other times it might be easier to re-enter the measure.

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