How can I move a stave to the left?

• Nov 4, 2020 - 03:20

I have been writing up an assignment for my theory class, and have not had luck looking in the handbook for how to do what I need. Please reference attached screenshot.

My first thought was to go to Staff/Part Properties and change the Long instrument name for the 4 measures in section C. That changed all the naming for all the staves. I reversed course and deleted the Long instrument names, substituting System Text for the "S+A" and T+B" staves. But when I got to section C I could not figure out how to move the staff lines over enough for the text.

I know it is probably something simple that I just haven't figured out. Any help would be appreciated.


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When you add the horizontal frame, you can also add the text directly to that rather than using system text, then you won't need to rely so many on manual adjustments.

Another possibility to consider, depending on what else is going on, is to simply use different staves for this section than the other sections and use hide empty staves so only the ones needed at any time display. You may need to plant some invisible content to keep the blank measures you want to display from being hidden. Whether this is worth the effort, again, depends on what else is going on.

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