Some questions about the upcoming VST support

• Nov 7, 2020 - 18:27
  1. (Assuming it's supporting 64-bit plugins right off the bat) will there be native bridging for 32-bit plugins?
    I'm sick of DAWs skipping out on this (or getting rid of such support, in Ableton's case) as there's a large number of (albeit older) plugins which only exist as 32-bit, and a few of the ones I have don't function properly through Jbridge.

  2. Will MuseScore scan for plugins while it's running (when user tells it to) or before loading?
    I would prefer not to have another Sibelius scenario where I have to completely nuke and reinstall because it crashes due to "one of a thousand" plugins bringing the whole thing down, and being unable to change the settings because the scan happens before Sibelius actually loads, and THEN have to guess which random plugin caused the crash... At least Reaper skips the problematic plugin when you launch it again, but that's neither here nor there.

(hopefully posted in the right place this time)


This is absolutely the right place to post such a question. There is still much work being done on this and I can't give you an answer. I suspect in a few months version 4 will start to stabilize a bit and someone will be able to answer better, unless @tantacrul sees this and knows the answer already. Watch this forum and I expect to see posts from people actually testing version 4 when it does stabilize enough.

It is sufficient if there is a window to add the VST we want to use.
Scanning the VST folder always makes no sense to me.
Especially with older VSTs, it's not possible to know if this is an effect 'plugin (reverb, echo, phaser, chorus) or an instrument plugin.
Because after being scanned, it would be an unnecessary task of searching for the instrument we were looking for among hundreds of DLLs. This was tried to be overcome with suffixes such as VSTi and then VST3.

I still see that 32 bit versions work better and more stable.
The 64 bit versions of some VST effects plugins don't even work properly. The 32-bit VSTs of the same VSTs work fine on the same 64bit hosts that support 32bit (I know many of them since I have tried them one by one).

The solution I suggested: For Musescore only, it doesn't seem to be a problem if a VST folder is created in Musescore's user document-folder and VST instruments are placed in it and this folder is opened automatically (instead of pre-scanning) to select the VST instrument.

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