How I can download Musescore 2?

• Nov 9, 2020 - 09:19

Hi, it turns out that I recently changed my computer and now I need to download Musescore 2, since I am not used to Musescore 3 and it is more complicated for me, please. How I can download Musescore 2?


I woould strongly encourage you, though, to spend the few minutes it takes to get used to the small number of changes in MuseScore 3 (a few menu items shifted, etc). Almost everything works the same except for the menu item changes, but your new scores will look a ton better by default with far less manual adjustment needed, plus tons of other improvements that happen automatically. There are also some great new features you'd have to spend a few additional minutes learning to use, but no one would be forcing you to use them.

So the advantage of spending those extra few minutes now is saving hours of unnecessary work constantly doing things manually that MuseScore 3 does automatically. Plus, you need MuseScore 3 to open scores created by others.

The standard advice is to keep MuseScore 2 for use with existing scores where you've already done lots of manual adjustments to work around its limitations, but use MuseScore for new scores, or for older scores where you hadn't needed to fix so many problems.

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Actually, there are millions of people successfully using MuseScore 3 - there are no inherent problems with its audio. Not sure where you heard that? Audio problems can happen with any version of MuseScore or any software really, depending on details your own OS, device drivers, other audio apps, and settings. If you are encountering some sort of glitch, best to start a new thread and describe the issue and how to reproduce it (attaching a sample score is usually a good idea). Then we can understand and assist better. No need to go back to a version with literally thousands more bugs and hundreds of missing features (including inability to open any other scores created in any last few years) - almost certainly we can help you solve the issue you are having.

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