unexpected rests appearing in multivoice score

• Nov 11, 2020 - 04:09

I've just started experimenting with multi-voice entry. In this case 4 voices.

All is well except there are rests appearing that I did not enter and I cannot explain. These are not the normal rests that fill any part, or all, of a measure that is not held by notes.

See the attached score. How can I avoid these rests appearing?

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If you ever enter a note into a voice besides 1, voice 1 will fill with a whole rest. There is no way around this. Always start entering notes in voice 1 unless you want the rest in voice 1. If you only use 2 voices on a staff, use voices 1 & 2.

In any measure where you have more than 1 voice you will see

voices 1 & 3 have stems up
voices 2 & 4 have stems down.

As a rule, only use voices 3 & 4 if there are more than 2 voices on a staff.

See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/voices for more info.

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Nope, you did not. The handbook explains that this sequence is per staff, not per instrument.
So voice 1 and if needed 2(, and if needed 3...) for the top staff, voice 1 and if needed 2(, and if needed 3...) for the bottom staff too.
Every staff has up to 4 voices, voice 1 is mandatory, there rest is optional. For every staff always start with voice 1

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