Playback without highlighting current note/position

• Nov 15, 2020 - 22:51

Musescore is extremely valuable for me learning to follow a given speed (to prepare to play with a group of people) and the highlighting of the current note is very helpfull during this phase.
But I would also like to train my ear to hear and feel the speed during playback - so is there a way to use the midi playback but disable the highlighting of the current note, so there is no visual feedback, what note to play at a given time?

Many thanks in advance


On the play toolbar there is a button that says "Pan score automatically" when you hover over it, it looks like an arrow pointing at an end barline. If this isn't pressed, the score won't pan, which is what you are asking for.

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Thank you for your swift response. Did I get it right, that this button controls, if the pages are flipped according to the actual measure that is played? As in my version ( the blue background block still moves from note to note during playback, when I disable this feature.

To prepare to play with a group of people...
and there is no visual feedback...

Read from the printed part that you will actually be using with the group (or make a pdf to display on your monitor) while MuseScore plays.

Dirty trick that only works if you're not yet using all voices.

  1. Swap voices so you're not using voice 1 for notes
  2. Select all voice 1 rests and mark them invisible
  3. Change the voice 1 color (in Advanced preferences) to your paper color (default: white)
  4. (optional for no feedback at all:) Change other voiced colors to black

Since the playback cursor takes it's color from voice 1, it'll now be a semi-transparent paper colored cursor, which'll be "invisible" against the paper color itself.
Since played notes are highlighted in their respective voice colors, setting those to black will mean they're highlighted in the same color as they already are.

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