Alt Shift UP DOWN notes make it Crash

• Nov 19, 2020 - 14:06

Ok, here if I hold Alt Shift UP DOWN to transpose diatonically it crashes. Just tested in mine PC maybe with other config it work? Windows 10 here


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Welll, like I said any file it happens when I do that. If I constantly change directions the chances of freezing increases . The file is just 3 C notes hahaha saved it, used what I described it freezed it crashed. :) also thanks for the replies

Edit: I don't get it, I was just able to replicate that many times, now is becoming hard to freeze hahaha but I swear it have something! :O

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It sounds like you are pressing a key and MuseScore knows that this has happened. It's waiting for the signal to tell it the key is unpressed but that isn't being delivered. So when you press a key again it crashes due to "getting signals too fast"

There are a couple of reasons this might be. One is that you have a wireless keyboard and your battery is weak. Another is that your memory in your computer is being occupied by other programs and the operating system isn't switching back to MuseScore quickly enough and MuseScore is interpreting what it gets as "fast clicking" which will make just about any program crash. There are other possibilities I'm sure but I think these are the most likely. If you don't have a wireless keyboard problem, see if restarting the computer fixes or at least improves the situation.

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