German Chord Symbols can not be saved.

• Nov 19, 2020 - 15:08

thank you for this amazing software!
It's great that you have also included the possibility to use German Chord symbols such as H instead of B.

The problem is that in the current version ( this setting ist lost every time I close and reopen the file.

Thanks for your effort!


Did you change the spelling in format->style...->chord symbols?
Please attach a sore where it doesn't work and/or give precise steps to reproduce it.

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Yes, I did.
But when I closed the file and reopened it and then had a look at the settings the point wasn't checked anymore.
And when I then inserted a 'h' it wasn't recognized as a chord symbol anymore (turned red)

The mscz file is my usual template for new worship songs ('sniglet' is the font I use). Should have german chord symbols ... sometimes it does, sometimes not.
The mss file is the style template I created and in which I had also changed the chord symbols to German but when I apply it the setting doesn't change.

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