Changing font of lyrics does not work correctly for lyrics with elisions

• Nov 21, 2020 - 19:22

Here's a rather tedious issue I've encountered while using MuseScore to compose choral music in Romance languages. Changing the font of lyrics with elisions doesn't seem to work properly, and different errors are caused by the two different methods of which I'm aware. I'm attaching files demonstrating the result of both methods. In both examples I have tried changing the font from FreeSerif to MuseJazz for demonstrative purposes.

When changing the font of the lyric by typing a new font name in the Inspector panel: Only the portion of the lyric preceding the elision is affected. The portion of the lyric to the right of the elision remains in the old font (in this case, FreeSerif).

When changing the Lyrics font in the Style dialogue, then selecting the particular lyric and using the Inspector panel to reset font to Style default: Both portions of the lyric (before and after elision) are affected, but the elision itself is corrupted, now displaying as an encircled numeral 9. I am using the "Narrow elision" from the Special Characters palette, but I have observed that other lengths of elisions display as different symbols.

If I decide to change the font of my entire score, MuseScore essentially forces me to choose between manually re-typing portions of lyrics in the correct font (to correct the erroneous result of the first method) or manually re-entering every elision (to correct the erroneous result of the second method).

MuseScore 3.2.3, Ubuntu 20.04.1
Edit: The issues persist on the 3.5.2 AppImage.

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