MuseScore player doesn't play some notes

• Nov 21, 2020 - 20:08

In bar 18 of my score Try a little tenderness, there is a fill that doesn't play (notes A C A B). It plays in my Win 10 player attached. It may have something to do with the fact that I amusing the 2nd voice for these notes. THe fill in bar 14 plays OK even tho the notes are in the 2nd voice. Any suggestions?


I don't understand what "my Win 10 player" means. Is this an external midi device? When I play this on my system it plays correctly.

One possibility is that it's related to the soundfont you're using. Which sound font do you use? FYI, the sound font is not normally included in the .mscz but all of the mixer settings are. I expected to see voice 2 muted in the mixer but this isn't the case.

I don't think what you are asking is related to so don't worry about that. I can relate to Shoichi not quite understanding the question since his first language is Italian. I sometimes have that type of difficulty on the Spanish forum.

You wrote:
there is a fill that doesn't play (notes A C A B)

Actually, that last note, B, is played in the score on .com.
It's the A C A (being held from the whole note chord on beat #1) that do not play.
I can hear the B - plus the 16th notes in the bass clef that follow.

That is on the .com site though.

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On the website player, for measure 18, slow the tempo using the slider at the top of the score (near the metronome icon) and you should hear the B in voice 2 played (and held for the full beat). At normal speed it may not be noticed because of the (fast) 16th note run in the bass clef.
It's the C and A notes which precede the B which are not played.

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