Audio volume

• Nov 21, 2020 - 20:18

Is there a way to adjust the overall volume of the exported audio? The default one is too loud for me.

I understand that changing the dynamics won’t help due to the normalization described here:


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I’m trying to make an accurate transcription of a performance from a YouTube video and want another person to check it by listening to the original and my version. With normalization turned on, the volume level of the two is very different, so the person would have to constantly switch the speakers’ volume when comparing, otherwise the YouTube recording would be inaudible or the MuseScore audio too strident.

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Just get YouTube to increase their volume ;-)

No, joking aside, that is indeed a decent use case I'd not consider before. To be able to upload your custom local audio to .com, you'd have to use File > Save Online from within the notation software and tick the "upload audio" option. That option is only available is you're using non-default synthesizer settings (such as custom soundfonts).

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