New Automatic Alignment of Instrument Names Horizontally

• Nov 24, 2020 - 13:24

I don't know if the title seem to indicate what I want, but look:
IN1.png 1. IN2.png 2. IN3.png 3.
In the above images you can see that every name text's center of every line, is on the same x coordination, I hope you get what I mean here, not sure. Notice, specifically on the second one, that there are 2 systems and all the lines' name text's centers are aligned onto the same x coordination (by x i mean the horizontal axis).

Right now the default way in musescore is this:
INM1.png Could there be a way to have this instead? (look below) INM2.png
and of course this must work for "secondary" lines like below:
INM3.png --> INM4.png
and for names between different systems as in the third image. I'm not sure how exactly to put it into words but right now that's the best I can do. I think..


You can also see that comparing the 3 first images, the names in each picture do not share the same size. Would be good to have a feature for changing names' size of individual pages. And that could be combined with setting stave size for individual pages.

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Aha.. you're on 3.6alpha?
Here's what I get when opening that file and removing the frame:
When I then reset your X-offset of the long instrument names, this is the result:

From what I understand though, you want both the instrument names a bit closer to the right (system header) and more into the margin on the left. Here's what I see when turning off the new style option for indentation of the first system (Style > Score), which seems to pretty much give you almost perfectly what you were looking for:

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