Strings (Tremolo) Playback

• Nov 25, 2020 - 07:31

Do you think they sound bad? To me they sound like a flying bug's wings moving fast where you can here some "tick" sounds besides the note playing.

Also what about the way strings start? it's kind of weird that every note starts with a small crescendo before reaching the final dynamic, set to the current notes. I think continuus would be better for melodies ... actually everything.


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This is a really specific but good example of where those crescendos in every note sound bad: it might not be clear if played with but if you download the score and play in the start of "Augurs of Spring" (page 12 i believe) you will see what I mean.

Also I noticed that clearinets sound a lot louder in front of other instruments, in the same dynamic. Yes I know that not every instrument sounds the same in volume but clarinets sound too much I believe. And horns sound too little in volume.

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I consistently hear the problem with clarinets and horns and adjust their volumes in the mixer. I agree tremolos sound like bugs because you can hear the attack on each note no matter how slow or fast the tremolo. It's better if you change the sound for the string to tremolo which is a separate step from applying the tremolo lines to the notes. It's the same process as applying pizz then arco to stop it, but I make both texts invisible since they are rarely written on the score.

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Also I'm worrying about the other instruments because... You might want the horns to sound more than strings but you have FFF in both AND you don't want to lower strings (or any other instrument) AND you have adjusted their volume to max from mixer... This example is edgy. But I think those 2 instruments' default volume, compared to the rest, are just edgy too.

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You have a lot of control over volumes in the mixer. I believe the mixer is one of the things that survives template creation so you should be able to set the mixer settings once and reuse it. You would just need to adjust the mixer for any new instruments you add. You can try it out and let me know if you like.

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Yes I have been using it in past... It's just that I never find it to create "visible" changes. The only clear change would be to set one instrument to 20- and the other to 120+ KEK. But it's ok... I was just thinking that the new soundfonts should adjust these "edgy" instruments' volumes.

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