Using System Brackets Like Square Ones

• Nov 25, 2020 - 09:02

I saw that Boosey&Hawkes treat system brackets as square brackets unlike musescore.
You can see how the wide system brackets look in the above score, yet in Musescore this happens:
It's like stretching the whole thing, unlike in Boosey&Hawkes' where only vertically it widens and only specific parts of the design are "stretched". Is it possible for Musescore to let us 1. Use system brackets, and make them act, like simple square brackets? And 2. make them stretch like in the B&H score? the current bigger-than-2-staves brackets look bad. They also stretch horizontally which could bring incoherence.


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The curly braced indicate that there is a single part divided over several staves where the square ones indicate different parts for the same instrument. In symphonic pieces you should rarely see B&H use curly braces for instruments that are not strings or written on a grand staff like a piano. No publisher is 100% consistent so you may see some exceptions.

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But why would they do it in their most important possession, Rite of Spring? Is it because they don't need to use curly?

But then AGAIN, I also see it in Stravinsky's Concerto for Piano and Winds but this time there is the "actual" need for curly. Yet they use it for everything else.

So... these scores are wrong?

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Perhaps there was something lost in translation.

In your sample, Violin I is divided into 6 staves, Violin II and Viola are both divided into 3 staves. Since there are three parts here, each part is identified by a curly brace. I haven't see the B&H version of Right of string or the piano concerto so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

What I mean by square brackets is the one grouping Violin I & II in this picture:

square bracket.png

This is common for grouping the same type of instrument consisting of several parts, like 3 trombone stave or piccolo + flute staves. As an oddity, I've often seen such groupings then the Horns still have curly braces on them. Perhaps this is because Horn I&II are on one staff and III&IV are on the second staff.

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Yes that's it! Now I understand... so you mean that square brackets is to show different parts of the same instrument, while curly brackets are to show the divisions of a part, like "parts of parts".
So... we could apply my suggestion right?

By the way, you don't need to look at B&H's Rite of Spring score: simply check the IMSLP's one and imagine that every square is curly... I believe, but I'll go check if it is as I said. Also: was Right of String meant to be a joke... it was kind of funny kek.

So what do you think? I believe that we should apply my idea, because there are times you have 4 staves for the same piano performer, and instead of stretching the curly vertically (horizontally?) it also stretches it horizontally! Like zooming! And as shown in my Musescore screenshot, it looks horrible and inconsistent. What do you think?

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@Oktophonie is developing a default style that he likes. He has a lot of experience as a music typesetter and has worked on other software as well. His goal is to make the default layout look good. You have seen some of his work in the 3.6 builds you've checked out and there will be more in version 4 that he promises will knock your socks off (American slang for really impress you). He's not deaf to suggestions but he does have a plan in place for the default brackets. Nothing he does will prevent you from changing the brackets and I suspect there will be a way to change the default if you're not afraid to go into some of the files that comes with the program. Hopefully there will be sufficient documentation of these files to make it easy.

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So... could I (or you, or someone) at least present to them what I have in mind? I basically want the curly to create straight lines when stretched, and NOT stretch the whole thing out. Also Not stretch towards the left page edge, "outwards" in a way. That's if they also like it.

By they, I tried making a score of a piccolo part with 4 "divisions" as a test. It seems that Musescore sets a square by default. But according to what you said, shouldn't it place a curly be default?

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I said that oktophonie has a plan for the defaults and that you'll be able to change them if you don't like them. I believe the strange enlarging of the curly brace was mentioned to him on the developers chat so hopefully that will be addressed. You can feel free to enter a bug report to make sure it's noticed. It will also be a place to communicate with others that might be interested in the bug.

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