Drumline Extension not installing

• Nov 25, 2020 - 19:37

This past fall I had to re-install MuseScore 3 onto a new computer (Windows 10 64-bit) that is on a network drive at school. When I attempt to download the drumline extension from Resource Manager I consistently get one error or the other. I get one that says "Unable to download, save and verify the package. Check your internet connection." My internet connection is just fine. When I'm able to get beyond that then the next error says that the storage file is full (Cannot import extension: storage //warriordc2/Data/Coulee/Staff/cbresee/My Documents/MuseScore3/Extensions is full). This is a network file, but I have checked all permissions and I have full access to that file. I've searched checked several other user forum posts on this topic they all seem to say the same thing regarding permissions, but I've checked with our own IT department and they cannot see what the problem is. How can I get the drumline extension on my program?

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