Is there an input mode for continuous triplets?

• Nov 27, 2020 - 03:43

When I am inputting a riff in my score of all triplets, is there a way to keep typing note letters?

The way I do it now requires many extra keystrokes, which interrupt my thought process.
I am trying to type the riff that I hear in my head before I lose it.

Here are my initial experiments, ending with how I am doing it now:

Inputting triplets.jpg

BUT THERE HAS TO BE A SMOOTHER WAY for entering a riff of triplets.


There are two things you can do to make it easier. You can turn you entire measure 13 into 4 triplets at once. Select the entire measure (because it has 1/4 rests) and press ctrl+3. You didn't specify how you duplicate a measure, but to do that, select the measure and press r. Using these together can make it rather quick.

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Sure would be nice if the "R" key shortcut worked in tuplets or you could copy and paste into tuplets. As things stand right now all you can do is select and entire tuplet and paste that but not internally when adding notes. So if you have a four note cord repeated or another cord which can be initialized for and then modified in an edit, that would be nice to be able to do.

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There is a limited "R" function in and between tuplets. Inside a tuplet, pressing r will repeat the last chord (or single note) entered. If you have the tuplets set up prior to entering the chord, it will also work between tuplets as well. So you can put a chord on the last 8th note of a 3 8th note triplet, the press R and the chord will be repeated on the first 8th note of the next triplet. FYI, the + for ties works the same way as the R with the same restrictions. You can actually use R to repeat from a regular note into the first beat of a tuplet, as long as the tuplet exists before the chord is completed. This is actually the same restriction between tuplets as well.

Set up some tuplets and play with it a bit to see exactly what does and doesn't work. I sometimes start making a chord and realize the next chord is inside a tuplet and I'll stop before (or undo) the last note of the chord, set up my triplets, then finish my chord and press r to duplicate it.

Something else about R you might not know. If you enter an 1/4 note chord, then want to repeat it as an 8th note chord, press 4 then R and you'll get the 8th note chord. The same idea works with tuplets.

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