change the number above the treble clef

• Nov 14, 2020 - 07:20

how can i change the number above the treble clef ...
anybody know about that?

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We're still not totally sure what you are asking, it would help if you explained in greater detail. But the post to which you were responding showed a picture of the Measure Properties dialog (aka Bar Properties, in UK English). So that is the menu item you need to select after right-clicking the measure (bar) in question.

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You don't need to change it in 4 !
You need to find which measure you have excluded, change that and the number will automatically be correct (=4).
Right click on the first measure, and send a screen capture of the dialog you get.
Do the same for the 2 next measures. So post 3 screen captures in total.
And finally post also the score file.
To post a screen capture from Windows do the screen capture bu Windows key+shift+s
Save the screen capture as png and post it. No need to use intermediary docx.

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