Crackling/feedback from playback

• Nov 29, 2020 - 09:00

I have a piece that has a full line of concert band woodwinds, and anytime the dynamics for all parts is forte or louder, most of what you can hear is the feedback, which is almost this sort of crackling sound. I notice this same issue here and there with brass playback, but it seems to be worse with woodwinds. It's also seemingly mostly in the clarinets (Bb clarinets 1, 2, 3, Alto Clarinet, and Bb Bass Clarinet), but the saxophones don't help the matter. Is there any way to alleviate this?


You must have the volume turned up too loud, either within MuseScore (eg, in the Mixer, Synthesizer, or Play Panel), or your OS audio settings. If it's too loud in MuseScore, you get "clipping" - exceeding the theoretical maximum of digital audio. If it's too loud in the OS, you get distortion - physically driving your speakers too hard. Either way, the solution is to turn it down.

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