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• Nov 29, 2020 - 12:25

i'm using Musescore since some years, but recently I started a path to learn how to transcribe some old parts (white mensural notation). I noticed that often you can have 2 or more parts with different metrics so i need to write something like in the attached image (note the 6/2 change in only one of the parts).
Is it possible with Musescore?

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Thanks for the answer!,
I've already seen that page before posting on the forum, i searched with google more and more without finding any correct answer for this case.
I'll try to be a little clearer, look at this new attach.
What i expect: the third note on the first staff should be exactly above the first note in the second measure in the second staff. The idea is that the length of the measure on the first staff should be a bit greater than the one on the second staff (as you can see in my first attachment).
This way the third notes of both staves should be played at same time.

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Actually, the link at does not use local time signatures it uses time signature properties, then merges measures and enters barlines from the palette to make the measures look right. Also, there are not tuplets required to make the score in your example, just measures long enough to allow for the dotted whole notes and any other notes. Tuplets are only used when you need something like 3 1/2 notes in the same time period as a whole note, but the type of score you are working on does not do this, at least in the example, and rarely ever during that time period.

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I have entered the score into MuseScore now as an example. I discovered there are two more beats on the first instrument in the second measure on the second system. It seems to me the dots on the 1/2 notes are a mistake, but it could be possible (though unlikely) that a tuplet for the dotted 1/2, 1/4, dotted 1/2, 1/4 in that measure would be called for.

Also note that the time signature at the odd spot on the second instrument needs to be entered as symbols from the symbols palette (press z to see it and search "time" for these symbols). MuseScore will not allow a time signature there at all because it's in the middle of the D whole note in the first staff.

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