Playback issue with D.C./Voltas

• Nov 29, 2020 - 15:45

I have an issue with a score in a traditional waltz format. These often have multiple sections with the sections ending with "complex" alternatives using various volta combinations. I am attaching two image files and two scores. The images show the general pattern of the score for a section. TestFine is the incorrect playback and copies the printed scoring. TestFineX is workaround. There is a simple repeat and in this case followed immediately with a second repeat. As scored, the second repeat has the first volta set for playlist 1 and 2. The second volta has playback set for playlist 3. Play count is set to 3. During the first playing, the repeats work as intended and on the second time through, the final measure in the first volta jumps to the beginning as there is a D.C. and the intended playback is that during D.C. the second repeat only plays the final volta. (In my marking, M3, M4, M7 and M8.) The Play Repeats is unchecked. However in actuality, the playback adds M6 which is the second measure in the first volta. (M3,M4,M6,M7 and M8.) To get correct playback, I had to separate the combined first volta into volta 1 and 2 with identical notation. (TestFineX.) There were then three voltas, each one with a singular value in the Playlist 1, 2, and 3. All other settings remained. The playback of the D.C. played only the initial measures and those in the third volta. (M3,M4,M7 and M8.) Wondering why a multi-valued playlist could not produce the intended playback.

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"Test Fine" as a D.C, not a D.C. al Fine and no Fine either.
However, even that is never reached, as on the 3rd 'simple repeats' round, the D.C. is skipped, due to the voltas.
"Test FineX" has 3 voltas, but only one end repeat barline and other than that the same issue as above

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If I use two end repeats, then the DC pass plays the second measure under the second volta and then what I have shown as a third volta. (TestFineX plays neither volta 1 or 2 in the DC pass. ) I don't think the Fine was intended to be a fine in the sense of a DC al Fine, just a text marking to indicate the The D.C does play correctly so I do not understand not being reached. First time through all simple repeats are taken and endings 1 and 2. Then DC starts entire section at beginning and not playing any measures under the volta. I believe a "standard" playback would include the final volta of a repeat which is not wanted. So maybe not including the second end repeat has the desired effect. My question is why a combined 1,2 playlist didn't work but this arrangement, even if not standard, did.

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So on a related issue, here is the score where I actually implemented this. In the section label No. 1 the repeats and the D.C. work as I intend. Normal repeat jumps and on the D.C. neither of the voltas 1 or 2 play but only the one label Exit D.C and play list 3. This ends the section. The next section No. 2 uses the identical notation but does not function properly On the first pass, the initial repeat is implemented, but the repeat starting at measure 17, which ends with the D.C. exit does no execute any repeats. It immediately bypass voltas 1 and 2 and plays the measures under the Exit D.C. volta and then continues on. If I extract that section to a standalone score, it functions properly. It's as if the counting is not being reset by the end section of No. 1 and beginning section No. 2.

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What I discovered after the previous post is that to get the behavior of neither volta 1 or 2 playing on the d.c. pass, I need to have the play count set to 3 before the end repeat bar and not use a second repeat bar at the end of the measure with the d.c. under the second volta. Using two end repeats results in some of the second volta measures playing during the d.c. pass. However it appears that setting the play count to 3 as noted messes up the repeat with voltas in the next section playing as if it is in a d.c. pass. (Initial standard play of repeats does not occur.) Something not resetting in new section after section break. It the play count is set to two, the new section's repeat plays normally but then I get playback of some of the second volta on the d.c. pass. (why only second measure of the second volta?) Anyhow can't seem to get both issues to work together.

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