Qt path not found

• Nov 29, 2020 - 22:29

I am 2nd year cs student and I took an interest in this open source project, but already while trying to build I ran into an issue,
I am trying to build it through visual studio and It cant seem to find the Qt path,
I fallowed all the steps in the guide from the developer handbook, searched online for it aswell,
checked I had the correct sub directory in the PATH variables but nothing seems to work.
The error I am getting:

"Error CMake Error at build/functions.cmake:90 (message):
Unable to find Qt (cmd: qmake)
Please make sure Qt is installed and available in your PATH environment
The qt versions i have - 5.9.9 and 5.15.1.
Am I missing something??

While I am at it, If someone has suggestions about what technologies should I get familiar with before diving into the code, I would be grateful. (I have prior knowledge in cpp).

Thanks in advance


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