MIDI ACTIONS for Keyswitches triggered by text

• Nov 30, 2020 - 00:12

Dear Friends,

I think that a very handy (and maybe easy to implment) is to permit that text expressions like "arco" or any other text could send simple midi notes to change keyswithes of VSL and many other libraries.
It would be a very musical way to implement this stuff.

My workaround (attached Figure) for that is to have other staves to trigger keyswitches, but this is a little clumsy and not elegant.

Midi Action customization of triggering text would be nice and great ! (and probably easy to implement).

This would bring more people to musescore, for sure !

Thanks a lot !

Best !

I found this guy that dis something similar.


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I think designing something that worked well in the current framework and made sense to a variety of different external tools, and wouldn't then just need to be scrapped and thrown away, is far from easy. In any event, there won't be any new features added to 3.6, just bug fixes, so it almost certainly will need to wait for for 4.0 or whatever release after that adds the sequencer module currently being designed.

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Actually, the most recent published estimate was 8-10 months as of one month ago when the estimate was posted - see https://musescore.org/en/node/312563.

So that puts the projection at more like late summer. I would also observe that I've been in the software business for 30 years and can't ever recall an estimate that far into the future not being overtly optimistic by several months. Maybe this will be a first and we'll actually hit that estimate, but I wouldn't hold your breath :-)

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