are there soundfont close to guitar pro ? Wonderful Musescore

• Nov 30, 2020 - 19:03

I was a guitar pro user and still have v7 with their banktrack
but musescore is really Amazing

seems that the the installation include good drums and bass midi files ,but the guitar sould really bad
I have downloaded Touhou.sf2 ,copied in the soundfont folder and in the soundfolder and via synthesizer i have added like the screenshot
but after I add some soundfonts ,should I remove from the list other soundfonts?
for example in my case I have Touhou.sf2 and musescore_general.sft3
in short is enought to add soundfonts in via synthesizer o do I miss some steps ?
I'm tring to play some John Petrucci songs and I got bad sounds
by the way musescore is a Marvell!


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about the second link , well I have read it , but a steps by steps would be better for many users

and for the first link , well i have downloaded some soundfonts ,but i'm asking an advise , have a good soundfount or more for my need
in the first link there are really beautiful classic guitar sounds , but i'm looking for sound like Satriani ,Petrucci , Lynch ,they use a distortion or overdrive for their solos

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