Recorders playing at 415 not 440

• Nov 30, 2020 - 19:09

Dear All
I play recorder and I have a number of players that if I write for or transcribe scores for them the pitch that is the problem. Their A is not 440 but 415 how do I write a score for all 4 recorders that they can play along to that meets this need for a flattened A.
Hope this makes sense!
Looking forward to someone helping


Open the synthesizer (View->Synthesizer) and choose the tuning tab and set Master tuning to 415. Everyone will have to do this to hear it at 415 and it affects all songs until it's changed.

Also, if you close MuseScore then reopen it, by default tuning will return to 440. To keep tuning at 415 you need to click "set as default" and it will set the new default tuning to 415.

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